About Us

In New Zealand we are lucky to grow an abundance of world-class food that’s exported all around the globe.

But we had to ask: why is our own meat and produce so expensive if it’s raised and grown right here?

Our founder, Ben, created the business Container Door after he found a way to bring the best BBQs, paddleboards and furniture to New Zealand direct from the manufacturers overseas. (Curious? You can check out Container Door here.)

He decided to apply this business model to groceries, to unlock the finest New Zealand-grown produce, direct from the farmers and growers, at honest prices that are fair to everyone – customers, growers and us.

The result is The Honest Grocer.

And for even greater transparency, The Honest Grocer has created Gold Status membership so customers can pay the lowest margin possible, without sending us out of business.

For a small monthly membership that you can cancel any time, you can unlock the bare bones pricing on some of the best-quality produce New Zealand has to offer. (And some hand-picked international products too!)

Click HERE to find out more about Gold Status membership.